Thursday, October 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Well according to the shops it is and I guess considering in 2 days time it will be 2 months to Christmas, most people are starting to think about Christmas shopping. I have started my Christmas gift list and today I managed to cross off my Dad and youngest sister. My Dad is one of the hardest people to buy for but I managed to get him something which I am sure he will love, my youngest sister is getting a bangle she wanted and something else and I crossed off Megan (my middle sister) ages ago as she told me that she wanted all 3 High School Musical soundtracks so thanks to my addiction to online shopping (fine any shopping of any kind!) I was able to pick up each of the CDs for very little! I now just have to buy a gift for my Mum and best friend (Gem) who are both easy to buy for. Then I will start working my way through the little gifts for various friends.

Today I was asked by Mum what I wanted for Christmas (we were discussing it) and that we should start a list on the whiteboard we have in the kitchen like we did last year. This year I want a car and a job, mind you I have two promising leads on jobs (both that I want and are perfect for me! So I am praying that one of them turns out to be the one, God willing!) so the job one seems likely. The car seems wishful thinking as well! Honestly I don't want/need anything but I do have just over 2 months to think of something.

I find its easy to break my list into sections: Immediate family (which includes Gem as I have known her my whole life), friends who I normally get something small for (I tend to do a nice Christmas decoration and bake something Christmassy), church friends who get something handmade or baked (I have these talents so I use them!) and my nieces and nephew (I'm an aunt to triplets who live over east) which needs to be sent so I tend to get them a book or something easy to send that can be shared between them all. I always aim to get my immediate family bought for by the end of November as December is always so crazy without having to buy presents which require a lot of thought. I love baking and I always grew up with a Mum who would bake things for people as gifts, so Christmas isn't complete if I haven't baked a batch of gingerbread and other goodies. I managed to pick up some Christmas sprinkles at the beginning of this year cheaply so they will get used.

I am intending to do another Christmas gift guide so stay tuned for that in a month or so! Now if only I can resist playing Christmas music for another few weeks I will be set!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I want in a company

So somehow this week I have managed to post everyday which is quite an achievement! So lets see how long this daily posting will last (my aim is to post tomorrow and then do Friday Favourites on Friday).

This week has been pretty slow on the job application front, though I think its partly due to lack of motivation on my side as well as there being very few jobs I think I have a good chance of getting an interview for. I have been thinking lately of my ideal workplace, and have put together a list of qualities I want the place I end up getting a job at to have. So in no particular order here it goes:
  • Good and Open Communication - I don't want the company I work for to deal with things via email or over the phone instead face to face. This is because I find that emails can be interpreted many ways especially when it comes to major/serious topics. Over the phone is ok if its something little but I would rather their preferred form of communication be in person. This is a major one for me as I find that many companies prefer to use email regardless if its a big thing or not. I can take constructive criticism but not over email as I tend to ask questions until its clear for me what I have been doing wrong and what I need to do to correct it, which email isn't the best format for.
  • Good Work Morale - I want to work for a company where everyone is happy to be working there and there is no grudges between the employees. I want to come to work happy and leave happy.
  • Everyone is Respected - I don't want to be treated badly and I don't others to be treated badly. It shouldn't matter what job you have in the company everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect.
Its not a long list but this is a list of qualities I am praying that the place I get a job in has. The good and open communication is especially important as I have worked in many places where the communication is really bad between everyone which in turn brings down my other two points.

I would love to work in either a not for profit, government sector or local government and yes I know how hard it is to get work in any of those, but I have God on my side and he can make things happen. I also still want to work part-time as I want to get my Diploma in Business Administration via online and as I am a hands on learner if I can do it while I am working I can put things into practice.

I know God has the right job out there for me so I am just keeping praying and waiting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Questions I want answered

What's good about walking around with your headphones in oblivious to the rest of the world?
When people ask how you are do they expect any other response other than good or fine?
What would happen if more people were honest when they answered how they were?
Why do people still stare when they see young adults with disabilities living their lives in shopping centres and other public places?
Why is it that people are becoming more accepting of certain disabilities yet for other disabilities they are still taboo?
What would happen if everyone smiled more?
Why is it that its ok for certain groups of people to judge yet for other groups its wrong and considered discrimination?
Why is it that its always the same kids who get bullied all the way through primary school and high school?
Why do people think its strange that I enjoy chatting to random people (I'll have you know some amazing friendships have come out of those conversations!)?
When will people realise that 'perfect' means something different to everyone?
When will people realise that its ok to cry and that its not a sign of weakness but strength?
When will people realise that a person is a person no matter how small?
When will people realise that its ok not to agree with everything a person says and that conflict is healthy?
What will it take for people to realise that some rules are allowed to be broken?
Why do people insist on rushing everywhere rather than just taking their time to get to places and enjoy the trip?
Why do so many cultures still put people to death for believing certain beliefs and when will people wake up and realise that its still happening?
When will people realise that maybe just maybe there is a God out there who loves you unconditionally and knows our innermost thoughts and desires who knows ourselves better than we ever will?
 To be honest I don't care if any of these questions never get answered but I do want people to think about them and realise that its good to ask questions and that some things a meant to be left unanswered.

Monday, October 20, 2014

One of those days

I am having one of those days you know those days when you have no energy and just want to do nothing? Today I have started a craft project for a friends birthday which is next week (its a variety of little things for her that I know she will love), watched some tv shows (Red Band Society and Parks and Recreation are my current go toos), eaten some M&M's (ok fine a bag of them because a girl needs chocolate some times!) and read the news in between making sure Rikki isn't causing trouble.
I have also spent the morning trying to work out who to call regarding the pedestrian railway crossing up the road from me that has malfunctioned (it won't shut up regardless of if there is a train going or not!) it turns out Mainroads are extremely helpful and will even go out of the way to help you because there is no freight train crossing hotline (can that be a thing because I have Googled it and nothing came up). So hopefully the pedestrian railway crossing will start functioning again normally so I won't have to hearing the beeping warning you there is a train and not to cross when there is not.
I am now contemplating baking brownies (chocolate people its amazing stuff!) or checking out Seek which is bound to be annoying but its what you do when you want a job (that and pray for the phone to ring). I also should keep working on my Friday Favourites post for this week but I might wait to do that while the X Factor grand final is on tonight (I don't care who wins since Reigan got eliminated last week). I seem to be having one of those days now if only I could get out of my daze and focus!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

In no particular order

So I have made some changes to this blog, in no particular order:
  • Advertising - yes I went there, I have been on the fence about it for a while but I have decided that I will do a trial run of it for a few months and see if its worth it. I figure I have nothing to loose regarding it and it would be nice to get some extra pocket money. It's only a trial but so far I'm ok with it.
  • I have combined my 'About Me' and 'FAQ' tabs into one as it was pointless having two separate tabs when they are so closely related.
  • Finally I have added a new tab which is 'Understanding Dyspraxia' as its not a well known thing (disability sounds a too strong a lable) and I want to get the word out there on it.
This past week I have had one interview which I have yet to hear back from (they said I would hear something on Friday but I heard nothing) honestly what is it with businesses refusing to get back to me after an interview?! This is my major pet peave when it comes down to the whole job application process if you have the time to interview the person you have the time to let them know BY PHONE (not email!) if they have been successful or not. If you email me telling me I haven't been successful in getting the job it just shows me that you lack confrontational and communicational skills. Also not ringing up my referees which shows me you are lazy and don't like to check your sources (one of my referees who is on the top of the list lets me know when he has had call as a heads up) also for all you know I could be (not that I am) lying about skills ect on my resume.

In one month tomorrow I can drive! Which is awesome and means that I will have freedom and be able to apply for jobs regardless of where they are located. I have a few hours left on my log book then I am done (finally!) at times I doubted whether I would get get my license but it is finally feeling real.

At the moment this week is looking normal for me nothing out of the ordinary and I am ok with that despite the fact that I would rather be working for now its what it is and I know God knows what he's doing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

God has a plan for me

It's funny how you can know things yet you seem to forget them and all of a sudden you can get hit in the face with them. Today I was driving (trying to get my hours up, next month I can get my license!) and all of a sudden I realised that God has a plan for me and that I shouldn't worry about the future. The thing is I have known this and have been reminding myself of this daily but today it hit me in the face and really sunk in.
God knows when I will get a job and he knows all the details of it.
God knows when I will get married, who I will get married too and what our future will hold as a couple.
God knows what tomorrow will hold.
God knows what next week, next year and even 10 years down the track will hold.
God has a plan for me and you, just think about that for a minute he knows what he is doing even though at times it doesn't seem like it.
This just leaves me with one question what is God's plan for me? I guess I will just have to wait to see and know that he knows what he's doing.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

God Provides

Today I had to run errands (yes Erin had to run errands - I have heard that one before!) as I am going away this weekend and today was the only day I could as I got my youth allowance (my only source of income) now I was dreading running them as I knew I would spend most of it on these errands (getting a script filled, buying sunscreen, shampoo, kitten food, etc. the list goes on!) which would leave me around $80 for the next 2 weeks to live off. As I was leaving the shops after going over my budget and calculating that I would only have $60 to live off so I decided to check my account balance which was over a $100 more than what I thought this really puzzled me so as soon as I get home I bring up my account details and I realised that for some reason I got a bonus of $110 which explained the extra money despite spending more than what I thought I would. Once again God provided me with not only enough money to run my errands but extra to help with whatever other expenses will come up (praying that there won't be much! Saying that having a kitten is expensive).
I am sure I have mentioned this before but when I was younger my dad lost his job and he had to work odd jobs and we lived pay check to pay check and struggled to pay the bills at times. But every time it got really tough someone would leave money in our letterbox or on our doorstep anonymously or someone we knew would hand us money saying they felt it was the right thing to do. Growing up I always knew God provided and honestly receiving this bonus today when I needed it most just reassured me of that.