Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Challenge Conquered - No More P Plates!

Driving has always been one of those things I have struggled with, I knew from the moment I sat in the drivers seat things wouldn't be easy. I struggled at the beginning of going round the local uni carpark at 5kms an hour and the thought of even going on roads scared me.
My parents had to find a driving instructor who had experience with people with issues like Dyspraxia because they knew any ordinary instructor wouldn't do. It seemed like whenever I felt I was making progress a setback would happen and I would have to work twice as hard to achieve basic manoeuvrers.
When I finally pass my practical driving test I wanted to shout from the rooftops that I was road worthy and despite all the difficulties I faced I had passed the test. Of course once I had had my license for less than a year I lost it for 3 months, which was a huge set back and one that filled with me with a lot of anxiety. Of course God had a plan and I didn't need to resit any tests to get it back despite being told that I would have to.
Well as of yesterday I have conquered another challenge, I am on my full license! No more P - Plates or limited points on my license, no more feeling like a target for road rage because of the p plates and no more people joking that I am a bad/inexperienced driver because I don't have my full license.
It was strange taking off the P-Plates on my car yesterday morning, they had been a permanent fixture on it since I got it and it was strange looking in rear view mirror and not seeing one as I was reversing. I also felt really exposed like I can't use the excuse 'I am on P-Plates and am still a new driver!' when something happens (which is rare now thankfully!).
Once again despite having Dyspraxia (and anxiety) I have proven to people that I can achieve things even if they just take me a bit longer and I need to work slightly harder to do them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If I can't control it, I won't worry about it and leave it up to God

 'If I can't control it, I won't worry about it and leave it up to God' - this has become something I keep telling myself during this time of unemployment and uncertainty. Late last year it hit me that I can't control the job market or the interviews I get (or don't get) or the jobs that I can apply for. I mean I would love to get a job but I can't control when I get one so I won't try or even attempt to control it. God is so much bigger than people give him credit for and he has the situation under control even if I can't see it.
I have spent the past couple of weeks filling out job applications, updating my resume and writing selection criteria (which I am convinced will be the end of me!). Selection Criteria is one of those things that I always second guess myself on, mainly because you never what exactly the company is looking for in terms of answers, plus it makes the job application process drag on even longer. I triple check my selection criteria and know that I have done my best, then I leave it up to God. I put it out of my mind and just go on with my life knowing that if it's meant to happen God will do the rest of the work.  My employment agency has also been looking over it and they are impressed with each one I email to them, but I can only pray that the companies are too!
I have dreams of landing a job in the next few weeks in the near future but know that it probably won't happen, but with God never say never. I know that starting a new job won't be easy and I will struggle but I also know that this time will be different and that I have better support and my overall mental health is in a good place. If anything this time living alone has really helped me push myself and see just what I can do (of course I miss my family and can't wait to have them home) so going into a new job I will be more confident and aware of just what I can handle.

I am keeping up with my volunteer work and it seems that everywhere I look I have something happening with ReachOut (organising stalls, helping run chill out rooms at events and getting ready for the workshop this weekend) or with mentoring (organising craft activities, helping out at events and attending it every other week). I highly reccomend that if you are looking for work to do some volunteering as it helps build your confidence, learn new skills, meet new people and just keeps you occupied. I use Seek regulary to find job opportunities but have since discovered that they have a volunteer section of the site which is great and well worth checking out if you are unsure how to go about finding volunteer work. ReachOut actually advertises on it when they need casual and one off volunteers for events which is how I heard about it but there is a wide range of volunteer opportunities you just have to find them.

I don't know what the coming weeks will hold but I won't worry about it because afterall: If I can't control it, I won't worry about it and leave it up to God.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Five Friday Favourites

 Its been really odd cold and wet weather here, which has meant I have had to break out my winter clothing. I am a bit annoyed as I swear it's meant to be Summer but then again I would rather the wet weather than the hot dry weather we normally have this time of year. I have been staying inside quite a bit so this fortnight's favourites reflect that.

Riverdale - I had no idea what to expect when I watched the first episode on Netflix but it has me intrigued. I like how it has a mystery element to it but there is something deeper under the surface which I am sure will come out eventually. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes and counting down the days until the next episode gets released!

Ask Reddit - want a fun way to procrastinate that isn't Facebook or Netflix well then Ask Reddit is your solution! People ask interesting questions and the answers are always a suprise. I always find I learn something too from the answers espicially when it comes to questions asked to certain professions regarding interesting situations they have been in (like this one and this one). I will warn you once you start reading it can be really hard to stop!

Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick - I have been using this in minimalist for quite a while now and I have to admit that its been one of my go to lipsticks. It provides great long lasting colour without drying out my lips and the colour looks good on all skin tones too. I'm not a fan that it needs to be sharpened compared to a normal lipstick but that's more an inconvenience thing than anything else.

The Office boxset - so I took the plunge and bought it! I am seeing many afternoons filled with laughter in my future and can't wait to relive all the fun times, like the clip below.
When the road rage doesn't match the playlist John Crist video - no words needed such a relatable funny video!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Five Friday Favourites

Every week I think maybe I will have a chance to blog more and every week it never happens! I am sure once all my regular programs start with the new school term, things will get back into routine.

Goodness Me Box - Jocelyn is a bit of health nut and loves experimenting in the kitchen with various healthy recipes and products but it can be super hard to stay on top of all the new health food trends. We've since discovered Goodness Me Box and it's a great to discover new health food products without a huge cost and they even include recipe ideas and ways to use the products. It's also extremely cost effective at $25 (or less if you choose the 3/6/12 month subscription packages) and every box is easily worth double that in value! Febuary's box is sweet treats and looks like a great way to treat yourself minus the guilt :)

Paper Pretty Happy Mail - I love to craft and make cards, so it was fun to discover that for $10 a month I can get some fun craft things mailed out to me. Mine just arrived today and it was filled with loads of cute card making items, its a great pick me up and for the price it's not a big purchase either :) I can't wait to get creating and I loved the papers and washi tape I received.

Dusk Candles - I've never been a huge candle person but recently I have been loving dusk candles and enjoy the scents and designs. I grabbed quite a few on clearance and I love how they make the house smell. I tend to stick to sweet scents and while they can be overpowering these candles aren't and give a nice subtle scent.

Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eyeshadow palate - this is probably my most reached for eyeshadow palate and the pigment and quality is great! I was really hesitant to buy it mainly because I didn't need another eyeshadow palate and would I really use it that much but I am glad I did. The colours are great and ones that I actually use on a regular basis and its mineral makeup so great for your skin.

I am currently keeping a list of upcoming movies I want to see in cinemas in the next few months and at the top of my list is Power Rangers. Which is an odd choice for me but it looks like a great film and its not a chick flick so I should be able to convince some people to come see it with me (why are people so against chick flicks these days?!).

Friday, January 20, 2017

A year ago today

Today is the 20th of January a day I don't think I will ever forget (not just because its my best friends birthday!). On this day last year I walked into the (scary) driver and vehicle licensing centre prepared to take the theory test the first step to getting my license back after loosing it (which we won't go into!). I had arrived before work trying to ignore the anxiety in my chest and doubts that I may never get my license back (and thinking that maybe it was worth selling my car which I had just paid off). I walked in there took a number and had this urge to pray, I don't think I had felt such a need to pray like this before so there in the licensing centre I started to pray shutting off the world around me and asking that if there was any way possible that I could get my license back that day. In my mind it was so far fetched that I had more of a change of winning a million dollars (which I could then pay for a chauffer to drive me around!) than getting my license back.
I remember doing my breathing exercises as I walked up to the counter when my number was called and anxiously waiting as the lady at the counter said there was a chance I could get my license back while continuing to pray that I would soon be on the roads.
The joy I felt when she told me that I could get my license back that day was indescribable and that moment it really sunk in that all along God had a plan and would provide for me.

I am currently in a transition season with being unemployed, I never wanted to be back here but I am trying to find any job. Yet even though I may not have a job yet God has been providing for me, I have an amazing employment support agency I cannot sing their praises highly enough! They are the people that see me as not just a number on their books but as a person who has struggles but with enough support I will get through them. They push my resume on any company that may be suitable and believe that its only a short amount of time before I get a job. Whenever I feel the doubt start to creep in that I won't ever get a job, I just have to remind myself that God provided for me in what seemed like such an impossible situation and he will once again provide for me in this situation. God provides for us even when we have no idea what he is doing and are starting to doubt it and this time last year was a huge reminder of that fact.

A year ago I got my license back, a year ago I rang my Mum up with tears of joy in my eyes telling her to think of the impossible and that it happened, a year ago I texted my Dad the good news who then texted as many people as he could telling them, a year ago I wanted to shout it from the rooftops that my God is an awesome God and a year ago I learnt what it means when God provides even though at times I doubt it.
Here's the post I wrote on this day last year.

Friday, January 13, 2017

First Five Friday Favourites for 2017

It's the first Five Friday Favourites for 2017, this almost didn't happen as on Thursday morning the house lost power and it finally came on late this afternoon! Thankfully nothing defrosted in the freezer and the worst damage was to my budget as I had to eat out for 3 meals to avoid opening the fridge and freezers.

Skype - so if you don't know all my immediate family is in Peru at the moment and Skype has been a big help in helping us stay connected. Its amazing how I can have conversations face to face despite them being on the other side of the world.

Degrassi Next Class - I almost jumped for joy when I saw that this on Netflix and the latest episodes are really good (watched them all in a day). I love how they aren't afraid to face the big issues that young people face and it provides a way for these issues to be brought up in conversation. I can't wait to see what next season brings.

The Women's Weekly Best Ever Kids Cakes - growing up my bedtime stories were more often than not cake decorating books, so I couldn't resist getting this book. Its an amazing book and I love reading it and planning what cakes I should do (now if only I could find someone who has a birthday soon!). It's a huge book and weighs a tonne but it's been a great coffee table book and conversation piece, people see it and they immediately want to open it and look at all the cakes (also I have no where to store it as of yet so the coffee table is where it lives). It also includes some of their vintage cakes from the first book they ever did (which my Mum owns). I purchased my copy from Big W for $30 but you can get it from all good book stores and websites for between $30-$45, its a purchase that I know I will have for some time.

Alphabet Sprinkle Ball Keyring - these are super cute and the perfect back to school gift for the student you know! I just love how bright and colourful these are, plus if you went to school like mine where everyone had the same backpack then its a great way to personalise it :)

John Crist - this guy is a Christian comedian and his videos and facebook posts are hilarious. I find it can often be hard to find things that are genuinely funny and clean at the same time and his posts are stuff I want to share Facebook because they make me laugh. Plus he's a pastor's kid so he gets points for including some of that in his videos too :)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New year new goals: a list of what I hope to acheive in 2017

I wasn't too sure whether to post this or not but I figure I might as well. I don't do New Year resolutions I just find that they are so easy to break and once you break them that its over so instead I set goals. I never set anything major but things that I would like to achieve and are doable so here are my 2017 goals:
  • Eat healthier and get into a regular exercise habit - I am pretty sure everyone has a goal similar to this and while last year I did start to do it this year I want to step it up.
  • Go to events where I know very few people and push myself out of my comfort zone - I honestly didn't realise just how my anxiety affected this until recently. I don't like going to events where I don't know very few people or with people I haven't seen in ages, so I make excuses. I think it would be good if I said yes to more of these events and it would help with my communication skills.
  • Find a job, get the job and stay in the job - of course first I have to find a job first (praying for a miracle here!) but once I do have a job I have no intention of leaving and will do everything I can to keep it.
  • Grow more as a Christian - self explanatory, I want to read my bible more and just lean on God on not only the big things but the little things as well.
  • Listen more - I talk a lot and 98%  of the time its because I am anxious or in a new situation and I have no idea what to do. I want to be able to listen more and direct the conversation back to people (if you see me often, feel free to remind me of this!). My eye contact has slowly gotten better in these new situations so this is the next step.
  • Do a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle - no idea why but I would like to do one, of course that would be made easier if a certain ginger cat didn't sit on the pieces in the box consistently! (see photo below for evidence).
I have no idea how much of the above I will achieve, but I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for me.
You can read my recap of 2016 here.